Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fish Bowl Decoration


Here is my fish bowl decoration.
I just bought this fish bowl for my friend and he said he cannot maintain the fishes.
So I thought of decorating it.

I have applied huge amount of glue to the bottom andadded pebbels and glass balls inside.
I left it dry for a day.
Over the pebbels I applied huge layer of glue and have painted the big pebbles, shells, mini marbles etc.
I quilled papers and added to the glue for the effect of leaves.
I added few plastic fish and crabs inside.
I Colored cotton and twisted it like starfishes.

I paked the same with gift wrapper and presented on his birth day.

He was like "WOOOOW Prathee" .....

Happy Crafting and Living with Passion - With Love,
Pratheepa Sukumar :)

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