Friday, 15 February 2013

Crayon Melting technique- 1


Welcome to Theepz crafts.

Here is the clicks of crayon / oil pastels / wax pencil melting technique.

Materials Used:
a Card board
a board
clips to hold the card board on to a board
A lighted candle

step 1 - stick n number of crayons in the card board.
Its not that the crayons should be evenly arranged.
If you arrange it in a random manner it may look different and cool.

Step 3 - Hold the lightened candle and start melting the wax. Instead of candle u can use a lighter, that keep your hand safe from the candle;s fire.

A cool draw is ready.

Happy Crafting and Living with Passion - With Love,
Pratheepa Sukumar :)