Monday, 31 December 2012

Clay Bug - Kids Craft


Welcome you back to Theepz crafts.

I saw a clay bug done in Ceebeebies through internet and I made a one.

 It just took 3 minutes for me to make this.

Materials Needed:

3 ear buds
Color to paint

Step 1: Shape yo clay based on the bug shape.

Step 2: Cut the ear bud leaving an inch starting from bud.
            You get 6 pieces for legs

Step 3: Plug the legs onto the clay
            2 towards front and 2 towards back and 2 towards sides

Step 4: Color it accordingly. I used acrylic pearl for a shine!

Isn't it small and cute!

Happy Crafting and Living with Passion - With Love,
Pratheepa Sukumar :)