Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Free butterflies


Welcome to Theepz crafts.

Have u ever caged butterflies?
If yes they loose all their freedom and colors , look pale.
Here I have freed those caged butterflies!

Materials uded:
Coloring Pen
A hand made card of black color

Cut out the plain sheet of paper into different shapes of butterflies and color them.

Step 2:
Roll the magazine pages to make a frame and stick them at the corners of the black hard/hand made sheet.
This is to give a look of a frame.

Paste few butterflies inside the frame.
Apply glue over all beneath the butterflies.

Step 4:
Hang the frame on a bigger sheet of paper or direct on the wall.

Step 5:
Apply glue on the wall on required area.
Do not apply glue on all over beneath the butterflies; just apply at a mid point.
Curve the corners of the butterflies so that they seems like flying.

Now the freed butterflies seems happier than the caged ones.

Am posting this in     http://flutterbywednesdays.blogspot.in

Happy Crafting and Living with Passion - With Love,
Pratheepa Sukumar :)


  1. I love the butterflies!!will try it definitely!!
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